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Additional information

DanSeis is based on a grant from the Danish Research council. The grant is under the responsibility and administration of the University of Copenhagen, while the activities are run by a consortium of the four leading geological and geophysical research institutes and communities in Denmark.

Consortium partners

Copenhagen University (, Department for Geosciences and Natural Resource Management (IGN) ( (Grant holder)

GEUS (, Geophysics Department

Aarhus University (, Department for Geoscience (

Technical University of Denmark (, National Space Institute (

Scientific coordination

The scientific coordination of DanSeis is organized through Geocenter Danmark (

Technical Reference Group

The Technical Reference Group collaborates from time to time with the Steering Committee on matters related to the technical aspects of the infrastructure. It includes Thomas Funck (GEUS), Peer Jørgensen (IGN), Per Trinhammer (AU) and Peter Voss (GEUS).


DanSeis collaborates with:

EPOS – European Plate Observing System: European ESFRI project EPOS aims at creating a pan-European infrastructure for solid Earth science to support a safe and sustainable society (

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