Technical details

DanSeis hosts seismometers with different characteristics to be used on land or at sea. These can eventually be used in combination with additional instruments from participating partners to achieve better coverage.

Type Number Time Use
Trillium model 240 OBS broadband seismograph 35 240 s Land
Trillium compact posthole seismograph 10 120 s Land, downhole deployments
KUM Lobster & 6D6 broadband seismograph 16 120 s Sea
Sercel MicrOBS, short-period seismograph 21 4.5 Hz geophones, 2 Hz low frequency cut-off hydrophone Sea, active source experiments

Land seismometers

Nanometrics Trillium 240 seismometers and Nanometrics Trillium Compact Posthole seismometers, which operate in conjunction with Nanometrics Centaur digital recorders.

Marine seismometers